Release date TBD. Latest trailer available here

This was the first short film I gaffed and is based on the original award winning short, Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge. On this project I simply executed the DP’s plans and managed the G&E crew. We had a huge crew for the warehouse scenes and lots and lots of lights (we wish we had more!!). We rigged parcans up top, far away, and lots of Arri 650’s all around.

Picture 27  Picture 30

Picture 26  Picture 25

And this one below we had a crazy set up to get the subject running in and out of light (lots of hiding lights and getting slashes on the walls). The second was just a sidelight… so dramatic!

Picture 33  Picture 34

In this scene we went with a lot of the natural surroundings (street lights) but this was where I learned the utility of battery powered LEDs – it was great to get fill and simulate/accent car headlights.

Picture 41

And these final shots we filmed in a church. We wanted everything bright and soft. But the circuits here couldn’t handle our 1ks! Thanks to the patience of my team we were able to pull it off.

Picture 44  Picture 46



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