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Contact information for the latest rough cut can be found at the link above.

In this film, my DP and the director gave me some of the most expressive and creative control of the student films I worked on. The stair cases below were my favorite and made for some of the most complicated distro I’ve had to run – I had several swings under me and was constantly asking what lines we had available, which were in use and where we could run them.

However, the many lights in the corners gave us access to all kinds of great shadows and accents from the railings and the subjects entering into and out of the light.

stairwell_blue_wide  stairwell_shadow

stairwell_2shot  stairwell_warm

The bookstore scene was a little more laid back with practicals, fills and a key (we bounced an LED with CTO into a 4×4 Ultrabounce).


In the back of the book store, I placed an Arri 300 with 1/4 CTO motivating as the lantern (we realized afterwards that the bookshelf (out of frame on the right) is blocking the light to the front, which fails to motivate correctly – lesson learned!). We also had an HMI in the background for our subtle blue moon (and, had I had the time, would have made this a little sharper and less bounce spilling all over the top of the room).


The storeroom also pressed us for time but we were able to pull off what we needed by bouncing an LED through some diffusion to give a nice sidelight. Keeping it simple.


The last and one of my favorite shots was a dream sequence where we wanted the subject to walk into a blown out space. This was simply a large white muslin directly in front of the door with a tungsten kino and an Arri 650. You’ll have to watch the film to catch the full effect!


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