Here you can find feedback from DPs, producers and crew that I’ve worked with. Thank you all for your support!

14 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. A really nice and fun guy to work with. He’s always on point with his tasks at hand and always on time. It’s always a pleasure working with Andy on set! It’s always a pleasure working with people who are kind and can multitask and get the job done.


  2. Andy is a nice guy. We’ve only worked together on top-level shit shows, where there’s no order, only chaos, terrible rates, and either cold coffee or no coffee at all, but during these 12+ hour mild torture sessions, he always had a smile on his face and stayed positive. I’ve literally never seen him angry or hostile. If a good attitude is the most important qualifying factor in your hiring process, this guy is your ideal candidate.


  3. Always a great attitude on top of his proficiency for gaffing. I’ve worked as Andy’s best boy multiple times, and he always seems to have a great rapport with his DP and Production, while running a quick and efficient crew.


  4. Andy is an incredible gaffer. He just completed a 5 week shoot for our production company, and he was truly fantastic. Work ethic is amazing, communication skills exemplary. We have nothing but great things to say about Andy, and he comes highly recommended.


  5. I have had the pleasure of working with Andy for a few days on my most recent project. He came on days where equipment was limited and the lighting situations were hard but he was always one step ahead of me. He knew exactly what would work and really did some stunning work. He always had a smile on his face, and had a solution to all the issues that arose. As a director of photography, I highly recommend him to any job or any one and will take him along with me on local projects.


  6. Andy is awesome! I met him on set for a short “Dark Tunnel” and he was kind enough to get me a spot of a USC thesis film the next week as Key Grip. Throughout that week I learned more than I had in months thanks to the way Andy explained everything I didn’t understand simply and efficiently. He was very open to ideas, he trusted his grips, passionate about what he does, and consistent in the quality he produces. Moreover, I found a friend and a mentor in Andy which I’m very grateful for. I highly recommend working with him if you ever have the opportunity.


  7. I just wrapped a full length feature , and spent over 35 days in Palm Springs with Andy. He is undoubtedly the most fun member of any crew I’ve worked with in quite some time. I was an actor on the project and still ended up knowing him very well. Not to mention he made me look good! Towards the end of our shoot we had some last minutes issues arise, and Andy stepped up essentially taking on two jobs at once.
    Highly recommend him for any projects!


  8. I worked with Andy on “There’s No Such Thing As Vampires” and he is the epitome of a true professional. When things changed suddenly and people left the work up in the air, Andy took over gracefully. Also he is a funny, nice guy who helped out when he didn’t have to. Loved working with him.


  9. Great working with Andy as a gaffer! He is very professional , brings a great team a long the crew, he makes beautiful lightning and he is awesome! If he can be the gaffer for all my future project and will be more than happy!

    Cindy Q


  10. I’ve worked with and for Andy on about 10 different projects over the last 2 1/2 years. Above all, Andy is a soldier and a leader. Not the kind of leader that hangs back barking orders, but the kind that gets deep down in the trenches with his fellow soldiers. Andy has an innate indomitable spirit that breaks through unexpected challenges and inspires his fellow crew members. He’s game for anything creative/crazy as long as the team is smart and collaborates on a realistic plan together. Bottom line: Andy is knowledgable about lighting, he’s a strong advocate for safety on set, and he’s one of the friendliest, funniest, professional people you could ever have on set. No one has ever regretted having Andy as their gaffer.


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