City of Wolves

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This Sci-Fi student film won the Derek Freese Award at Temple University’s 17th Annual Diamond Screen Festival. The film is currently still in post-production but there is an early rough cut available to view. Please see the link above for contact information.

On this film, I executed the DP’s plans and managed the G&E crew (which ranged from 5 to 10 people). A majority of this film required night exteriors (the entire film was overnights) and half of which was filmed in the dead of winter!

This was another fun distro setup. We had 2 generators (one on either side of the street). On one side, we ran 6 Lekos (19 degrees). On the other, a 575 HMI through a silk (key) and an Arri 300 through a silk (back light). We also rigged a menace arm with an Arri 650 up top for a hair light.


And below we used a 575 HMI through a silk as our key with a bare kino bulb on the wall as both art and ambience for the background (sci-fi!). We also had a reflector on the opposite side for fill.

basement_1  basement_4

This long take below was simply 2 575 HMI’s with full CTB outside aimed down towards the door. Just outside were a steep staircase and a railing so we had one on a lowboy and the other on a cardellini. This was actually a long take and you can see the spotted practicals in the hallway in the other photo. We also used a tiny bit of haze to get the beams from the flashlight (which I offered up as prop! hah!).

basement_2  basement_3

These last two shots were a little simpler. Just an HMI and 1k through some silks. Plus a tricky Arri 300 w/opal to rig inside the door. Due to the awful winter weather, we actually ended up filming these later on in the semester so it wasn’t freezing outside!

B005_C008_0101HA  B007_C005_0101SA

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