“The most important attitude that can be formed is that of desire to go on learning.”
― John Dewey, Experience and Education

I have been working freelance in the grip and electric departments for over 6 years and strive to bring every industry standard I’ve learned to set.  I have been pursuing filmwork with a fiery burning passion on commercials, corporate videos, short films, documentaries, countless student films, TV shows, indie features and more. I pride myself on working hard, being professional and treating my coworkers, crew and clients with respect. When I am not booked, I am volunteering my services to the 728 Oral History Committee.

Originally from the rural countryside of North Carolina, I ended up in Philadelphia where I earned my degree from Temple University in Film and Media Arts. I am located in Los Angeles but will work and pursue work as a gaffer, grip or set lighting technician all over the world. My resume is available here and you can find my IMDB credits here and an updated list of all credits here.

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Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey
– Catalonia, Spain –

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